You set the product parameters – we’ll help get you there



We’ve got a lot of manufacturing design expertise. A lot. 

We’re also smart enough to know if our expertise isn’t what you need and we won’t be shy about letting you know. We’ll never try to fit your product into one of our boxes. 

If we’re a fit, then our R&D team is ready to help you solve any design challenges and to optimize your product design for manufacturing.

If your product requirements aren’t in our wheelhouse, then we’ll look into our network to find you a reliable solution provider that specializes in exactly what you need.

The Art and Science of Tool Design


The molds and dies built to produce your product are the link between vision and reality.

Having an R&D team that can design tools for your production is critical to manufacturing a high-quality, cost-efficient product.


Optimizing Machinery for Maximum Yield and Quality Output

Building the right tools. Taking advantage of automation and robotics. 

We design manufacturing efficiency into our operations to achieve high volume without sacrificing quality.

Designing a product on paper is easy. 

Designing a product that can be manufactured is more difficult. The design has to be practical and cost effective.

Our R&D team listens to you to learn your market and product parameters: 

  • What your customer’s product experience should be.
  • What price point production needs to meet.
  • What your sustainability goals are.

Then we refine your product design with manufacturing in mind.

The end result: A design for efficiently mass producing the best version of your product.


Whether you come to us

with a concept or complete designs, our R&D team supplies the expertise that ensures your products are manufactured to the highest standards.