Executing Vertically Integrated Solutions around the World

Manufacturing the World Trusts

From Contract Manufacturing to Our Custom Brands, Coda Resources is a Full-Service Partner



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Our teams are on the ground around the globe in the manufacturing plants and warehouses, ensuring your products are built to spec, delivered on time, and always meet your quality standards.

Explore our exclusive collection of brands used in multiple industries. 

Need custom manufacturing to bring your products to life?


Building Trust through Presence and Expertise

​​For over 75 years, Coda Resources has been manufacturing premium consumer and industrial products. And while we mass produce goods, we don’t mass produce relationships. There’s no one mold that fits every company’s needs and we won’t try to fit you into a solution that’s not right for you. We don’t have to.

We’ve invested decades growing our in-house expertise, expanding our facilities, and building deep industry relationships. The result is a global network of resources we put in service to custom design the solution you need.

Here’s what doesn’t change, regardless of industry or scope of project: Our mission to be the manufacturing partner that delivers to you and your customers the quality, transparency, reliability, and speed that fuels your business growth.


Global reach with local oversight

We own and operate offices, factories, and warehouses around the world. When we source parts or work with contract facilities, we send our local audit teams onsite to review operations. 

Either way, we ensure our contract and brand manufacturing meet the quality standards that your customers expect.



Creative problem solving

Our R&D teams are skilled in a wide range of techniques and materials, including plastic injection molding and metal fabrication and casting. They can work with you to build your concept or refine existing designs to achieve the highest quality output and cost-effective production process.

And we always, always, protect your intellectual property assets.


Customized solutions that serve you

Our customer relationships center on the manufacturing, but they rarely end there. Many  customers also rely on us to source parts or production solutions, and to facilitate supply chain logistics. 

You can turn to us as a fully integrated, contract manufacturing partner, working with you from the R&D phase forward. Or, take a look at our range of custom, industrial brands.

The solution we design for you is about you and what your business needs.


Communication and collaboration make it all go easy

Clear communication fosters the transparency everyone wants for a long-lasting relationship. For some, language or cultural gaps result in production errors and supply chain gaps. 

Not for us and our partners. Our global teams are local in their community. They eliminate the risk of language or cultural miscommunications among our facilities and our external resources.

We build decades-long relationships with customers because they appreciate our quality and integrity. Wherever you are, Coda could be your resource, in the design room, on the factory floor, and at the warehouse.