Somebody told you about Coda, didn’t they?

We get that a lot. It’s a perk of having built a strong reputation with our customers and other partners over the past 75 years.



Our Family’s History…

When Abraham Topper founded Coda Resources in 1947, his goal was to build quality products with reliable delivery at affordable pricing. He felt strongly  the only way to achieve this goal was to operate with the right values.

Three generations later, his family-operated business continues to execute his vision through commitment to four bedrock values.



The core value that provides the foundation for our other values.

For us, integrity means operating through honest communication, strong ethics, and unwavering reliability.

We’re always upfront with our customers about potential challenges or roadblocks. Our customers experience directly the care we take protecting their intellectual property and know they can rely on our consistent quality.

Integrity requires us to show you who we are and what we’re doing. You’ll like what you see.





Even after 75 years, Coda remains fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit. A spirit that never lets us settle for “how things are always done.” 

Whether designing new products for our exclusive brand family or tackling a new challenge for contract manufacturing, our mission is to find the best solution available today to execute the product vision.



Our starting point is listening to you. We set your needs and goals as our project parameters.

Then we can work tirelessly to craft the best manufacturing and logistical solution for you.

We’ll never push you to fit a predefined solution because it’s the option that makes things easier for us.




We have partnerships that go back decades. And we define “partner” broadly. Customers, employees, strategic vendors, contracted external facilities. They’re all our partners.

Relationship building is essential to our success and we invest in it heavily. 

Through our deep relationships, we’ve built a broad network of trusted, reliable resources that give us and our customers options.


See for yourself

how Coda Resources and our network have grown over the years into a global network, ready to meet your product goals.